Welcome to The Menopause Revolution

30 experts sharing EVERYTHING that you need to know, so that you can thrive through your menopause, and beyond!

The live event is over, but the VIP ticket is still available. A full year’s access to the conversations, plus all of the BONUSES (listed below!).

Firstly, the content from our incredible speakers:

What is happening to my body? Part 1.

What’s happening to my body? Part 2.

From crazy to chill: what you need to know to turn the roller coaster ride into a merry-go-round

Let’s talk about s*x, baby!

And then, those BONUSES!

BONUS 2: The video series ‘Women, Midlife & Money’, valued at $295. Find your financial freedom no matter your age!
BONUS 4: An exclusive, downloadable and printable ‘The Menopause Revolution Journal’, just for VIPs!

Bonus 1: A full year of access to all of the conversations

  • Watch the conversations at your own pace – over 25 hours of education and wisdom!
  • Come back again and again as you need, to make the most of the experts and their information
  • Take as much time as you need to digest the information, before you feel like you have to move on.
  • Access the conversations and free gifts through a dedicated learning hub

Bonus 2: Women, Midlife and Money video series

Money is one of our major stressors, especially at midlife. In this video series, 4 money experts from around the globe offer us their tips and wisdom so that you can leave your money stress behind and step into financial freedom – for the rest of your life!

Bonus 3: LIVE with me! Sexy at midlife: The 3 secrets your mama never told you!

Come and join me for a 90 minute live call! On 23rd March 2024, I will share my 3 secrets with you, together with The Menopause Revolution Q&A.

Erotic expression and feeling sexy, juicy and alive in our bodies can feel like the right of other women, never us. I am here to show you that every single one of us has the burning coals of mind blowing orgasms and sensual pleasure waiting inside, ready to burst into the flames of passion.

And the best bit? If you’re too tired, this will energise you! If you feel like you have been giving and giving, this will nourish you. And if you’re frustrated and sad about your pleasure and orgasm, you will leave with hope!

Bonus 4: The exclusive, download and printable Menopause Revolution Journal

If, like me, you love taking notes, circling, underlining and underlining again, you need this journal! Keep all of your notes, take aways and ah-ha moments from the whole event in one place!